Omnitec Ltd. provides I.T. services and products to meet your needs.

  • Data Recovery

    For critical files

    Omnitec can recover your lost files in our office or with the aid of an industry leading recovery partner.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Preparing for the worst

    Omnitec can review your disaster recovery plan and perform a test restore, assuring you of regulatory compliance.

  • I.T. Support

    Help when you need it

    Omnitec is flexible to meet your needs. We generally provide I.T. support on three models – Ad Hoc service, prepaid discounted time blocks or fully comprehensive contracts.

  • On-site support

    An instant I.T. department

    Omnitec staff can be based in your office to meet your support needs. Your business gets an I.T. person to deal with helpdesk requests who is backed up by other experts at Omnitec.

  • Procurement

    Drive down costs and hassle

    If you need a reliable supplier with excellent aftersales service then you can rely on Omnitec to deliver hardware and software at the best price.

  • I.T. Review

    An in depth system review

    Omnitec can perform a comprehensive appraisal of your I.T., consisting of an on site inspection/log gathering excercise followed by an off-site data analysys.

  • Unsure if we can help?
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  • We'd be delighted to meet you and discuss your needs. We can visit your office or you can visit us in the centre of Douglas.

Business Support Scheme (BSS)

The Business Support Scheme (BSS) is an initiative of the Department of Economic Development (DED) designed to help businesses develop their business skills and management competencies. The Scheme offers a grant of 50% towards the cost of projects in a wide range of business disciplines up to a maximum level of assistance of £4500 per project. Omnitec can deliver consultancy and complete business solutions, including hardware and software where appropriate. The Business Support Scheme encompasses ten key disciplines that cover all aspects of business. These are:  
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • E-Business
  • Environmental Efficiency
  • Human Resources Development
  • Quality
  • Operations Management
  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Information Communication Technology/ Information Systems
  • Business & Financial Management Controls

How does the Business Support Scheme work?

Once you have applied for assistance under the BSS the Scheme and nominated Omnitec as your preferred supplier, a Business Development Consultant (BDC) will visit you to carry out a free of charge strategic reveiw of your business. This review will be made available to you in the form of a report, which is yours to keep. Omnitec will then work with you in order to formulate a detailed project, and to produce an agreed contract. The BSS Manager from the DED will approve the contract, and be available to help at all times. Once complete the Department will pay 50% of the cost of the project to a maximum of £4500 assistance. You will pay the other 50%. No payment will be made until you are satisfied with the work carried out. For further information on the Business Support Scheme, please contact Chris Glover at Omnitec.