Remote Support

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Apple – Intel CPU*

Click here to connect us in

  1. Once downloaded, open and run the Vine Server icon
  2. If prompted for a VNC password, type in 1234
  3. Click the Server menu in the top left, then Reverse Connection
  4. In the Viewer Host Name or IP field, type in the details provided by the Omnitec technician
  5. In the Port field, type in the number provided by the Omnitec technician
  6. Click the Connect button. The Omnitec Technician will be connected and will close the remote control connection once done.
  7. Please close any items left open. You can keep the Vine Server program if you wish, to save time connecting with us in future.

Apple – PowerPC CPU*

Click here to connect us in

1. Click to open the ZIP file if prompted:







2. Double click the new OSXvnc icon on your desktop:




3. Select ‘Connect to client’, fill out the Host and Port as directed by Omnitec:








4. Click Start Server

*The quickest way to determine the type of processor in your Mac is to open a Finder window and choose About This Mac from the Apple menu. Look at the Processor line to see which kind of processor is in your Mac.